The ancient treasures of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is very rich in ancient treasures and cultural values. It is a known fact that the oldest gold in Europe was foundnear Varna. It was discovered in 1972 and its total weight is 1.091 kg. Archaeologists believe it dates from 3200 – 3000 BC. In addition to being the oldest found, it is also very pure – 23.5 carats, in the form of jewelry and bracelets. Another famous treasure is the one from Panagyurishte, which consists of nine numbered containers with a total weight of 6.164 kg. The Gold is 23 carats, and depicted on the vessels are scenes from the Greek mythology.
The largest treasure found in Bulgaria is The Rogozen silver treasure that was discovered in 1986. It is a Thracian treasure and according to some it is “The find of the century.” It consists of 165 vessels, which are made of gold-plated silver and are also quite old –it is believed they date from the late 5th – early 4th century BC. Besides these there are other treasures found in different parts of Bulgaria, and perhaps many that have not yet been discovered.
The treasures in our country are another cultural value that should not be ignored and which we should preserve and protect. It is incomprehensible to me how only people like Svetlyo Kantardjiev, Svetlin Roussev and foundations like Mizia and Thrace are excited about what happens to our treasures today. Unfortunately ordinary people, set up in the current economic conditions, are forced to think mainly about survival, and not about these equally important things – history and culture, without which our nation would not have and will not survive.