Did you ever collect something?

I am a child of the “transition” in Bulgaria from socialism to capitalism. A time that brought us so many misfortunes and ruined so many of us, especially children of my time, which are now grown-ups. Luckily I had the best parents ever, who managed to save me from that suffering and let me live in my world of joy.

I remember the summers in the village of my grandma, where it seemed that time has stopped and there were no problems at all. Cucumbers and tomatoes were growing, kids were playing, sun was shining, what more a child needs to grow safe, strong and healthy?

During that time I found how funny it is to collect things that come out of your immediate reality. For instance, what capitalism brought us were the so-called Turbo gums, and each of them came with an image of a supercar. I believe I had more than 500 models of it, and even though my parents found it silly to spend too much on gums I often didn’t consume, they allowed me and gave space to that childish passion.

Later I became interested in many other things and started collecting them also. My parents and parents of my friends went to work abroad, and every time they came to visit their families, they brought me little presents, which seemed so unique and strange, like coming from a different planet, and I was happy to collect them.

Today, I am a member of the Bulgarian union of collectors together with people like Svetlin Roussev, Valeri Stefanov and Svetoslav Kantardzhiev, and I continue to develop my passion toward collecting.

I told you this story because I wanted to express that passion to you, and show you how a “childhood stupidity” might bring a lot more meaning and joy as you grow up and become an independent person. I wrote this for another reason also – if you are one of those children that were crushed in your childhood and you have children today – don’t let that happen with them. Support everything their heart stretches to, even though it might seem stupid to you, or that it will bring them no economic success in the future. You won’t be wrong.